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Nozzle Cleaning Station

KoolRunCM Industries' Kool Run® Auto-Reamer Robotic Nozzle Cleaning Station can increase the life of your consumables and decrease robot downtime. The USA made product comes standard with an electronically controlled venturi spray system to deliver a mist of anti-spatter to the nozzle. An optional wire cutter can be added to nozzle cleaning station or mounting remotely if needed. The nozzle cleaning station and wire cutter are controlled through the robot controller in order to maximize the performance to specific applications.

CM Industries also offers a wide variety of nozzle reamer blades for the Kool Run® Auto-Reamer robotic nozzle cleaning station and other OEM nozzle cleaning stations.

Nozzle Cleaning Stations

  • Model 2100E2 Nozzle Cleaning Station with electronically controlled anti-spatter sprayer
  • part# 650-25-580 Nozzle Cleaning Station
  • part# 650-25-584 w/ WC-95E Wire Cutter
  • Operating Manual & Parts List - PDF

Nozzle Cleaning Station 2100E2 WC 95E 1 Cleaning Station Stand 2100


  • Stand for 2100 Series Nozzle Cleaning Station, 32" - part# 650-25-480

Wire Cutter

Nozzle Cleaning Station 2100E2 WC 95E 

Replacement Nozzle Reamer Blades

CM Industries original 1 blade design

Replacement Nozzle Reamer Blades – 1 Blade Design

CM Industries original 2 blade design

Replacement Nozzle Reamer Blades – 2 Blade Design

Binzel® Style Nozzle Reamer Blades

Tregaskiss™ Style Reamer Blades

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