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KoolRunThe CM Industries Kool Run® Air-Cooled Robotic MIG welding torches offer exceptional durability and accuracy, and their unique design eliminates rotational restrictions and cable failures. The torches’ superior electrical and heat transfer capability results in increased service life and consistent performance, substantially lowering annual operating costs and Total Cost of Ownership.


CM Industries also offers the Kool Run® KR502 over-the-arm robotic MIG welding torch designed for use with today’s popular conventional style robot models. It, too, has a rugged design for long service life and utilizes the same Ultra Neck Connect System that produces full engagement between the neck and the torch body for superior cooling and power transmission. This, coupled with their keyed mounting arm, provides great TCP repeatability and accuracy.

  • Compatible with popular conventional style robot models
  • Rugged design for long service life
  • Keyed mounting arms for TCP repeatability and accuracy
  • Quick-change neck and cable assemblies for easy maintenance
  • Lengths from 3ft. to 12ft.
  • Connect to all popular feeders
  • Wide range of high-performance Kool Run consumables
  • Operating Manual & Parts List

Kool Run Ultra Neck Connect System


  • Full engagement between neck and torch body for ultracooling and power transmission
  • Hardened keyway and locating flat for repeatability and durability

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