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KoolRunCM Industries Kool Run® line of robotic torches also offers an air-cooled MIG torch to replace existing Tregaskiss® G1 "Over-the-Arm" robotic applications. Expect the same exceptional durability and accuracy as with our standard line of Kool Run® robotic torches. The torches’ superior electrical and heat transfer capability results in increased service life and consistent performance, substantially lowering annual operating costs and Total Cost of Ownership.

  • Direct Replacement for original Tregaskiss® G1 Series of MIG torches
  • Rugged design for long life
  • Quick-change neck and cable assemblies for easy maintenance
  • Connect to all popular feeders
  • Wide range of high-performance Kool Run consumables
  • Operating Manual & Parts List

CM Industries, Inc. (CM) is in no way affiliated with above-named manufacturers. References to OEM torches, machines, parts, and numbers are for your reference only. Most parts advertised for sale are made by or for CM Industries.