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CM Industries offer an extensive variety of replacement parts for the following OEM products. We manufacture our replacement products using the high standard of raw materials and workmanship to ensure the highest level of quality and performance. By manufacturing our products in our 40,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing facility and utilizing the latest CNC equipment we can deliver US made products to industry leading standards on a consistent and timely manner. If you have a need for product suitable for OEMs not listed below, please call our customer service to discuss your needs. We will be happy to establish a suitable solution.


KOOL RUN® Performance Consumables


Abicor Binzel® Compatible Parts

Bernard® Compatible Parts


Miller® Compatible Parts


MK Products MIG Welding Gun Replacement Parts

MK Products® Compatible Parts


Fronius® Compatible Parts


OXO® Compatible Parts


SKS® Compatible Parts


Tregaskiss® Compatible Parts


Tweco® Compatible Parts




CM Industries has replacement parts available that are suitable for the following OEM brands:

  • Bernard®
  • Binzel®
  • CK Systematics®
  • Daihen®
  • Esab®
  • Hobart®
  • Lincoln®
  • Miller®
  • MK Products®
  • OTC®
  • OXO®
  • Panasonic®
  • Tokin®
  • Tregaskiss®
  • Tweco®

CM Industries, Inc. (CM) is in no way affiliated with above-named manufacturers. References to OEM torches, machines, parts, and numbers are for your reference only. Most parts advertised for sale are made by or for CM Industries.