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 CenterfireTM Direct Replacement Consumables


  • Same tech used in KOOL RUN KR502HW
  • Rated for 500 Amp
  • Fully protected and insulated
  • Smooth Rotation


  • Start and End in any position
  • No restriction on rotation of torch body and neck
  • Spin 360° endlessly and never worry about cable torsion


  • To ensure smooth rotation - no matter what
  • Increase overall life of cable over conventional robotic power cables


  • Longer life over OEM
  • Less downtime = Decreased operating costs
Robot Brand Robot Model Tregaskiss® Part# CM Industries Part#
ABB® IRB1600ID, IRB1520ID 58SA024 KR58SA024
ABB® IRB2600ID - 15/1.85 58SA028 KR58SA028
ABB® IRB2600ID - 8/2.00 58SA029 KR58SA029
ABB® IRB1660ID 58SA030 KR58SA030
Fanuc® 100iC, 100iC/12 58SF005 KR58SF005
Fanuc® 100iC/6L, 100iC/7L 58SF007 KR58SF007
Fanuc® 120iC 58SF007 KR58SF007
Fanuc® 120iC/10L, 120iC/12L 58SF008 KR58SF008
Fanuc® 100iC/8L 58SF012 KR58SF012
Fanuc® 100iD 58SF011 KR58SF011
Fanuc® 100iD/10L 58SF014 KR58SF014
Fanuc® 120iD 58SF015 KR58SF015
Fanuc® 120iD/12L 58SF016 KR58SF016
KUKA® KR 5 HW 58SK023 KR58SK023
KUKA® KR 16 L8 HW 58SK027 KR58SK027
KUKA® KR 16 HW 58SK030 KR58SK030
KUKA® KR 6/8 R1820 HW 58SK031 KR58SK031
KUKA® KR 8 R1420 / R1620 HW 58SK032 KR58SK032
KUKA® KR 8 R2100 HW 58SK033 KR58SK033
Motoman® EA1400, MA1400 58CM016 KR58CM016
Motoman® EA1900, MA1900 58CM017 KR58CM017
Motoman® MA3100, MA3120, AR3120 58CM031 KR58CM031
Motoman® MA1440, AR1440, MH12 58CM035 KR58CM035
Motoman® MA2010, AR2010 58CM038 KR58CM038
Motoman® EA1400N, SSA2000, MA1400, VA1400 58CM001 KR58CM001
OTC® AX-MV4 AP 58CD003 KR58CD003
OTC® AX-MV4l AP 58CD022 KR58CD022
OTC® FD-B4 58CD036 KR58CD036
OTC® FD-B4L 58CD037 KR58CD037
OTC® FD-B6 58CD038 KR58CD038
OTC® FD-B6L 58CD050 KR58CD050

☼Many more options available. Contact us for more information.☼


THE KR5-EZ1 is designed to directly replace Tregaskiss® LSR Unicables

CM Industries, Inc. (CM) is in no way affiliated with above-named manufacturers. References to OEM torches, machines, parts, and numbers are for your reference only. Most parts advertised for sale are made by or for CM Industries.