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Performance Consumables

KoolRunCM Industries completes its robotic offering with its Kool Run® performance consumables, which include a variety of Taper-LOCK contact tips for superior heat and electrical transfer, and standard and heavy-duty slip-on and thread-on nozzles. These consumables are made from the highest quality of raw materials and deliver industry leading performance to meet the extreme demand of high production applications.

Taper-LOCK Contact Tips and DiffusersTaper-LOCK Contact Tips and Diffusers

  • Taper-LOCK design for superior heat and electrical transfer
  • Available in hard drawn and CrZr copper
  • Contact tips for wire sizes from .030” to 3/32”
  • Contact tip hole diameter tolerance tighter than industry standards
  • Diffusers are available in standard-duty (tapered) or heavy-duty for both slip-on or thread-on nozzles
  • Suitable for CM Industries Kool Run® and Tregaskiss™ style necks
  • Special Diffusers are available in order to use Kool Run® Performance consumables on Lincoln Magnum® PRO, Bernard™, Miller®, Abicor Binzel® Abirob and ESAB® Gun Master guns

Heavy-Duty and Standard-Duty NozzlesHeavy-Duty and Standard-Duty Nozzles

  • Heavy-duty and standard-duty nozzles available in both copper and brass
  • Plated or unplated to maximize performance based on application
  • Conical and bottle-form styles available
  • Slip-on and Thread-on design
  • Nozzle bore sizes from 3/8” to 3/4”
  • Contact tip to nozzle relationship of 1/8” & 1/4” tip recess, flush or 1/8” & 1/4” tip stick-out
  • Fully interchangeable with Tregaskiss® style retaining heads
  • Custom nozzles available upon request

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