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The CM Industries M-25 is a direct replacement for the Miller® MIGmatic™ M-25 MIG gun. It is compatible with all Miller® feeders, and also with all Lincoln® and Hobart® feeders as well. You can use all the same consumables that you are already familiar with from the original M-25 MIG gun. This gun is rated at 250 amps, 60% duty cycle, and wire capacity of .023"-.045" (0.6-1.2mm). You will not find a MIG gun closer to the original than this. Featuring an ergonomic handle design and parts and components that are made in the USA, our Miller® MIGmatic™ M-25 MIG Gun - 250A replacement meets or exceeds OEM standards and specifications, are exceptionally durable and ideal for the most demanding applications.





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Direct replacement for the Miller® M-25 MIG gun


  • 250 Amp CO2 @ 100% Duty Cycle
  • 250 Amp Mixed Gas @ 60% Duty Cycle
  • Wire Capacity .023″ (0.6mm) – .045″ (1.2mm)


CM Industries, Inc. (CM) is in no way affiliated with above-named manufacturers. References to OEM torches, machines, parts, and numbers are for your reference only. Most parts advertised for sale are made by or for CM Industries.